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Table 1 Wild leafy vegetables collected in Shiri, Daghestan. The most popular leafy vegetables collected in Shiri during field walks are presented in the table. Local names shown in the table are the most widespread ones

From: The social context of wild leafy vegetables uses in Shiri, Daghestan

Local name Latin name Plant family Plant part Usage Herbarium number
sːisːupi Allium victorialis L. Amaryllidaceae leaves cooking, drying, snack WABG 002645
birikːa Anthriscus cerefolium (L.) Hoffm. Apiaceae leaf stalk snack WABG 002652
ʁˤupːisqʷa Anthriscus sp. Apiaceae leaf stalk snack WABG 002662
haq’ul Arctium lappa L. Asteraceae stem, root (young, first year) snack WABG 002663
duc’armura Bunias orientalis L. Brassicaceae flowers snack WABG 002646
qːaʁa Cephalaria transsylvanica (L.) Schrader ex Roem. et Schult. Dipsacaceae leaves cooking WABG 002659
ʡaˤʁʷamura Cerastium davuricum Fisch. ex Spreng. Caryophyllaceae leaves cooking, drying WABG 002660
biričːa Chaerophyllum aureum L. Apiaceae leaf stalk snack WABG 002654
bah gʷa̰gʷa̰ Crocus reticulatus Steven ex Adam Iridaceae flowers snack no herbarium specimen
pilalaw:ti Fritillaria collina Adam Liliaceae flowers snack no herbarium specimen
podsniezhnik (rus.) bah gʷa̰gʷa̰ Galanthus spp. Amaryllidaceae flowers bulbs snack no herbarium specimen
q’aramura Galega orientalis Lam. Leguminosae leaves snack WABG 002650
ʁʷaža birikːa Heracleum apiifolium Boiss. Apiaceae leaf stalk snack WABG 002651
qːaˤnala čutni Malva spp. (Malva neglecta Wallr. and M. pusilla Sm.) Malvaceae leaves, stem, unripe fruit, nectar cooking, snack (unripe fruit and nectar sucking) WABG 002653 WABG 002665
guržinakːʷi Oberna multifida (Adams) Ikonn. Caryophyllaceae leaves cooking, drying WABG 002661
q’urtabːisqʷa Pimpinella cf. major (L.) Huds. Apiaceae leaf stalk snack WABG 002656
daga̰la qʼar Plantago major L. Plantaginaceae leaves cooking WABG 002655
žibžni Polygonum aviculare agg. sensu lato L. Polygonaceae stem with leaves cooking WABG 002649
piervocviet (rus.) bah gʷa̰gʷa̰ Primula veris subsp. macrocalyx (Bunge) Lüdi Primulaceae flowers snack WABG 002658
q’ac’miža Rumex acetosa L. Polygonaceae leaves snack WABG 002657
sirič’ič’ni Sedum spurium M. Bieb. Crassulaceae leaves snack WABG 002664
mec Urtica urens L. and U. dioica L. Urticaceae leaves cooking WABG 002647 WABG 002648
  1. Snacks not only eaten on the spot, but also brought back from the trip to share with co-villagers met in the street or at the godekan (central meeting point in the village). Collected by both adults and children
  2. Cooking ħuˤlkni / chudu (pie with filling), kurze (dumplings) and soup
  3. Drying only to send to the lowlands for ħuˤlkni or kurze fillings