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Table 3 Eleven most common species used to treat frequent diseases in the Ambalabe rural community

From: Medicinal plants used to treat the most frequent diseases encountered in Ambalabe rural community, Eastern Madagascar

Family Scientific name Local name (dialect: Betsimisaraka) Diseases treated Parts used Preparation method Administration Frequency (%) Salience Voucher number
Molluginaceae Mollugo nudicaulis Lam. Aferotany Malaria, stomach-ache Whole plant Decoction, infusion Oral 21.3 0.15 RKN 485
Sapindaceae Litchi chinensis Sonn. Letisia Diarrhea, dysentery, stomach-ache Bark, Leaves Decoction Oral 12.8 0.1  
Crassulaceae Kalanchoe prolifera (Bowie ex Hook.) Raym.-Hamet Sodifafana Cough, malaria Leaves Decoction, heat and press the juice Oral 11.7 0.08 RKN 512
Rubiaceae Paederia thouarsiana Baill. Vahivola, vahimantsina Stomach-ache Branch, leaves Decoction Oral 10.6 0.08 RA 1349
Apocynaceae Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don Arivotaombelona Malaria Leaves Decoction Oral 7.4 0.03 RKN 503, 504
Rosaceae Rubus moluccanus L. Takoaka Diarrhea, dysentery Leaves Crush, decoction Oral 7.4 0.07 REH 720
Myrtaceae Psidium guajava L. Gavo, gavombazaha, gavobe Diarrhea, dysentery Bark, leaves Decoction Oral 7.4 0.06 RCS 456
Melastomataceae Clidemia hirta (L.) D. Don Sompatra Diarrhea, malaria, stomach-ache Leaves, roots Decoction Inhalation, oral 6.4 0.06 RKN 513
Apocynaceae Petchia erythrocarpa (Vatke) Leeuwenb. Hintona Malaria Bark, leaves Decoction, infusion Oral 6.4 0.05 RKN 453
Hypericaceae Harungana madagascariensis Lam. ex Poir. Harongana Diarrhea Bark, leaves Decoction Oral 6.4 0.03 RA 1325
Fabaceae Aeschynomene sensitiva Sw. Fanombo tintina Malaria Leaves Decoction Oral 5.3 0.05 RKN 523