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Table 5 Local description of honey

From: An iconic traditional apiculture of park fringe communities of Borena Sayint National Park, north eastern Ethiopia

Species Honey quality Honey economics
Dombeya torrida, Eucalyptus globulus, Apodytes dimidiata and Ekebergia capensis White Table honey
Olinia rochetiana, Erica arborea, Dombeya torrida and Eucalyptus globulus Crystallized Table honey
Erica arborea Crystallized like table sugar Table honey
Dombeya torrida Crystallized, white, sweetest Table honey
Guizotia scabra and Bidens prestinaria Brown Mead known as TEJ/BIRZ
Guizotia scabra, Bidens prestinaria, Euphorbia ampliphylla and Olinia rochetiana Sour Mead known as TEJ/BIRZ