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Table 2 Categorization of variables quantified and used for the construction of indices and statistical correlations

From: Current use of wild plants with edible underground storage organs in a rural population of Patagonia: between tradition and change

Sociocultural variables Category
 Gender Women (0), Men (1)
 Family group living in the house One generation - alone, with partner or brother/sister - (1), more than one generation, children, grandchildren, grandparents - (2)
 Ethnic self recognition Non- indigenous/Creoles (0); Indigenous/Mapuche (1)
Variables related to use practice  
 Richness of species used Never used (0), one per year (1), n species per year (n)
Variables related to Cultural Importance Index (IC)  
 Total number of settlements where species cited (S) One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four (4)
 Relative frequency of cites (number of people that know the plant/total number of interviewees (N = 51) (RFC) 0.019 (minimum value if just one person mentions the plant); 1 (maximum value if all the people mention the plant)
 Frequency of underground storage organs (USOs) harvested per year (UF) No USOs harvested per year (1); n USOs harvested per year (n + 1)
 Multiple use recognized (MU) Single use (1), n uses (n)
 Current use (CU) Never used (1), Used in childhood (2), Used in the last year (3)
 Management (M) Harvested (1), Cultivated (2), Harvested and cultivated (3)
 Flavour (S) No mention (1); bitter-strong (2), sweet (3)
 Forms of consumption (T) Raw in situ (1), Raw ex situ (2); Some kind of preparation and ex situ consumption (3)
 Commerce (C) Without commerce (1), Under commerce (2)