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Table 2 Bat species sampled using mist-nets at the villages

From: Assessing human-bat interactions around a protected area in northeastern Brazil

Family Species Common name Abundance
Emballorunidae Sarcopterix leptura Lesser Sac-winged Bat 1
  Peropteryx leucoptera White-winged Dog-like Bat 1
Mormoopidae Pteronotus personatus Wagner’s Mustached Bat 1
Phyllostomidae Carollia perispicillata Seba’s Short-tailed Bat 110
  Desmodus rotundus Common Vampire Bat 21
  Glossophaga soricina Pallas’s Long-tongued Bat 1
  Lophostoma brasiliense Pygmy Round-eared Bat 1
  Phyllostomus discolour Pale Spear-nosed Bat 2
  Artibeus planirrostris Flat-faced Fruit-eating Bat 365
  Artibeus lituratus Great Fruit-eating Bat 50
  Artibeus obscurus Dark Fruit-eating Bat 13
  Dermanura cinerea Gervais’s Fruit-eating Bat 47
  Plathirrynus lineatus White-lined Broad-nosed Bat 17
  Sturnira lilium Little Yellow-shouldered Bat 20