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Table 2 Ancient Camellia reticulata trees in Kunming

From: Impact of traditional culture on Camellia reticulata in Yunnan, China

No. Cultivar names Age (year) Growth Conservation Sites
1 ‘Lion’s Head’ 150 Good None Longtou Street, Northern Suburb of Kunming
2 ‘Lion’s Head’ 160 Health General Golden Temple Park
3 ‘Early Crimson’ 170 Good General Black Dragon Pool Park
4 ‘Lion’s Head’ 105 Health Good The Huating Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming, located in the Western Hills.
5 ‘Pine Cone Scale’ 650 Health Good Panlong Temple, Jinning
6 ‘Lion’s Head’ 160 Health Good Zhangfu Village
7 ‘Early peony’ 160 Health General Dongjia Village
8 ‘Early peony’ 160 Health Good Dajie Village
9 ‘Lion’s Head’ 210 Health Good Chijiu Town
10 ‘Pine Cone Scale’ 210 Health Good Chijiu Town
11 Jing’an Camellia 230 Health General Yiliang County, Jin’an Village
12 ‘Lion’s Head’ 310 Bad None Qidian Town
13 ‘Lion’s Head’ 500 Good General Songming County, Pijia Village
14 ‘Early Crimson’ 100 Health Good Songming County, Dianwei Town
15 ‘Early Crimson’ 300 Health General Songming County, Pijia Village
16 ‘Lion’s Head’ 400 General None Xundian County, Changchong Village