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Table 4 Top traditional cultivars of Camellia reticulata

From: Impact of traditional culture on Camellia reticulata in Yunnan, China

  Cultivar names Flower type Flower color Blooming period Remarks
1 ‘Dwarf Rose’ Rose double Peach blossom Feb–Apr One of the eight famous cultivars in Dali
2 ‘Baby Face’ Rose double Pinkish white Mar–Apr One of the shallowest color cultivars
3 ‘Purple Gown’ Peony double Prune Feb–Mar One of the darkest color cultivars
4 ‘Dali Camellia’ Peony double Red Jan–Mar  
5 ‘Pine Cone Scale’ Rose double Red Jan–Mar  
6 ‘Peony Camellia’ Peony double Peach pink Feb–Mar Later blooming.
7 ‘Large carnelian’ Peony double Multi-color Jan–Mar Local name: pork blood mix tofu
8 ‘Chrysanthemum Petal’ Rose double Pink Dec–Mar A very popular one
9 ‘Reticulate Leaf Spinel Pink’ Semi-double Sliver red Feb–Apr  
10 ‘Thick Leaf Butter Wing’ Semi-double Red Jan–Apr  
11 ‘Tsingan Camellia’ Peony double Red Feb–Mar  
12 ‘Guomei Camellia’ Semi-double Red Jan–Mar In memory of a famous botanist, Prof. Guomei Feng
13 ‘Lion’s Head’ Peony double Prune Jan–Mar Local name: nine stamens eighteen petals
14 ‘Early Crimson’ Semi-double Peach blossom Dec–Mar The earliest blooming one
15 ‘King Peony’ Peony double Peach blossom Oct–Feb Maximum number of petals
16 ‘Reticulate Leaf Crimson’ Semi-double Red Feb–Apr  
17 ‘Treasure Pearl Camellia’ Peony double Red Feb–Mar Ancient Camellia cultivar
18 ‘Willow Leaf Spinel Pink’ Semi-double Slivery red