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Table 6 Post-catch sorting in weight (wet) (commercial composition)a

From: Processing insect abundance: trading and fishing of zazamushi in Central Japan (Nagano Prefecture, Honshū Island)

Type Species Sorting after boiling and rinsing 1st sorting (spread on table) 2nd sorting (spread on table)
Insects   2.68 38.07 4.08
  S. marmorata 1.71 20.98b 2.11c
Other debris   1.57 19.24 2.70
Total   4.25 g 57.31 g 6.78 g
  1. aInsects and inanimate matter rejected, final product 500 g (including S. marmorata and Protohermes grandis)
  2. bFive final instar damaged individuals
  3. cEighteen individuals (from instar 2 to final instar) too small or damaged