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Table 1 Identity of material collected as “scented grass” in Norway – based on voucher specimens from traditional collecting sites, material shown to and confirmed by informants, or braids made from the long leaves of Hierochloë spp

From: Scented grasses in Norway—identity and uses

Taxon / site Ethnic origin Type of material, voucher Further information
Anthoxanthum nipponicum    
Troms: Kvænangen: Løkeng North Sámi Voucher specimen (ESTA 2012:1) EBATA 2010:47, 2012:5, 2012:7
Hierochloë odorata    
Troms: Kvænangen: Burfjord North Sami Detailed description EBATA 2012:5, 2012:8
Finnmark North Sámi Drawing of braid [2]: 259
Finnmark: Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino: Suolovuopmi North Sámi Braid prepared for sale (ESTA 2006:43) EBATA 2006:126
Finnmark: Lebesby: Kunes North Sámi Detailed description EBATA 2015:24
Finnmark: Båtsfjord: Syltefjord Norwegian Voucher specimen (ESTA 2006:39) EBATA 2006:117
Finnmark: Unjárga/Nesseby North Sámi Braid at Varanger samiske museum [25]: 66
Finnmark: Unjárga/Nesseby: Bergebydalen North Sami Braid (ESTA 2007:2)  
Finnmark: Unjárga/Nesseby: Bergebydalen North Sámi Bundle of leaves collected for braiding (ESTA 2007:17)  
Finnmark: Unjárga/Nesseby North Sámi Two braids (ESTA 2009:4)  
Hierochloë odorata ssp. arctica    
Finnmark: Alta: Seiland: Hakkstabben North Sámi Voucher specimena (ESTA 2015:1; TROM V-968141) EBATA 2015:13
Finnmark: Kvalsund: Beritsjord North Sámi Traditional site; voucher specimens (ESTA 2006:11, TROM V-962258) EBATA 2006:82
Finnmark: Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino: Heammonjávvi North Sámi Traditional site; voucher specimen (TROM V-54979) EBATA 1996:10
Finnmark: Vadsø: Skallelv Finnish Tradiitional site; voucher specimens (ESTA 2006:15, 21, 26) EBATA 2006:106, 111, 1112, 113, 114, 115
Finnmark: Sør-Varanger: Neiden Skolt Sámi Traditional site; voucher specimen (TROM V-86071)  
Finnmark: Sør-Varanger: Neiden Skolt Sámi Braid (ESTA 2001:1)  
Hierochloë odorata ssp. odorata    
Finnmark: Kvalsund: Gjevebukta North Sámi Traditional site; voucher specimens (ESTA 2006:12, 13; TROM V-962264) EBATA 2006:87
Finnmark: Vadsø: Ekkerøy Norwegian Traditional site; voucher specimen (ESTA 2006:40) EBATA 2006:118,121,122;
Milium effusum L.    
Finnmark: Nordkapp: Repvåg Norwegian Traditional site, voucher specimen (ESTA 2006:2) EBATA 2006:38, 46, 50