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Table 7 Relevant literature on previous ethnomedical uses of some medicinal plant species in the current study

From: Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plant species used by communities around Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Uganda

Medicinal plant species Ailments treated in current study Previous reports of ethnomedical uses Country of previous use
Vernonia amygdalina Malaria Malaria Uganda [63, 101], Ghana [98], Cameroon [102], Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) [103], Rwanda [104]
Wounds Nigeria [105]
Skin rashes, diarrhoea, herpes zoster, cryptococcal meningitis Tanzania [106]
Infertility, amenorrhea South Africa [107]
Tonsolitis Ethiopia [108]
Ageratum conyzoides Uterine pains, helminth infections Splenomegaly, colic pains, wounds Uganda [1]
Vernonia lasiopus Malaria, stomachaches Skin allergy, constipation Uganda [1]
Cleome gynandra Prolonged labour Convulsions, diphtheria, toothaches, peptic ulcers, vomiting Uganda [1, 19]
Aloe vera Malaria Wounds Kenya [96]
Prunus africana Enlarged prostate Prostate and breast cancers, Hypertension Kenya [96, 109]
Capscum frutescens Prostate cancer Throat, breast and squamous cell carcinoma Kenya [109]
Amaranthus spinosus Scalp fungal infections Haemorrhoids Nigeria [57]
Mangifera indica Cough, infertility, convulsions Haemorrhoids Nigeria [57]