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Table 3 Major disease categories and number of taxa reported from Kangchenjunga Landscape

From: Traditional use and management of NTFPs in Kangchenjunga Landscape: implications for conservation and livelihoods

Disease/ailment/condition category Number of taxaa
India Nepal
Blood system disorders (purification, anaemia, etc.) 9 9
Circulatory system disorders (heart problems, blood pressure, etc.) 23 9
Cough, cold and sore throat 84 54
Dermatological infections (boils, eczema, itch, leucoderma, leprosy, running sore, dropsy, irritant, small pox, chicken pox, skin problems, etc.) 86 63
Diabetes 19 11
Earache, ear irritation 3 5
Fainting and fits 2
Fever/malarian fever 83 64
Gastro-intestinal disorders (bile disorder, cholera, colic, constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea, dysentery, dyspepsia, emetic, laxative, liver disorders, piles, purgative, stomach pain, ulcer, intestinal worms, vomiting, etc.) 312 219
General health (alterative, antiperiodic, prophylactic, etc.) 7 5
Gynaecological problems (menstrual disorders, pain, vaginal and uterine problems, etc.) 8 12
Haemorrhages (internal bleeding, nasal haemorrhage, etc.) 2 2
Hair care (prevent hair loss, scalp problems, lice) 7 8
Headache 18 20
Injuries (cuts and wounds, burns) 65 54
Mental disorders (Hysteria, insomnia, seizures, nervousness, etc.) 23 10
Musculoskeletal disorders (analgesic, arthritis, gouts, bone facture, rheumatism, body pain, joint pain, sprains, swellings, cramps, muscle relaxant, etc.) 76 84
Nervous system disorders (paralysis, hypertenson, etc.) 5 4
Nutritional disorders (weight loss, tonic, appetizers, etc.) 42 17
Odontological problems (tooth ache, gum problems, decayed teeth) 17 15
Ophthalmological disorders (eye wash, sore eyes, infection, etc.) 13 12
Poisoning (insect bites, leech bites, rabies, snake bites, bee stings, food intoxication) 25 26
Pregnancy, child birth, puerperium (labour induction, labour pain, after child birth, miscarriages, abortion, lactation stimulant, pregnancy prevention) 8 17
Respiratory system disorders (asthma, bronchitis, plague, chest pain, expectorant, pneumonia, tuberculosis, altitude sickness, nasal irritation) 65 55
Sexual health/dysfunction 7 8
Urinary system disorders (hematuria, kidney, urination, diuretic etc.) 26 27
Venereal diseases (gonorrhea, spermatorrhea etc.) 7 11
  1. aMost taxa were reported to be used in more than one disease/ailment/condition category (see Table 1)