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Table 1 List of 100 medicinal plants identified from Dagala Gewog

From: Medicinal plants of Dagala region in Bhutan: their diversity, distribution, uses and economic potential

Latin Name [2943] name (local) Altitude (m) Locality Status Life form/Habit Parts used Traditional therapeutic indications [2426, 43]
Aconitum laciniatum (Bruhl) Stapf (Ranunculaceae) Bong-nga-nag-po/bdud-rtsi-lo-ma 4200 Dabgaythang AB-U Herb Root Antiseptic, analgesic, anthelmintic and reduces fluid accumulation arising from gout. Useful for leprosy and bone disorders.
Allium macranthum Baker (Amaryllidaceae) ri-sgog 4180 Chalichung A-NU Herb Whole Anti-inflammatory and useful for gastritis, tuberculosis and rlung (air) disorders.
Anaphalis contorta (D.Don) Hook.f. (Asteraceae) spra-ba 4120 Chalichung A-U Herb Whole Alleviates piles, glandular diseases and contagious infections.
Androsace sarmentosa Wall. (Primulaceae) sga-tig-khra-bo 3800 Kipchen A-NU Herb Whole Febrifuge and alleviates defective serous or lymphatic fluid accumulation in the abdomen.
Anemone griffithii Hook.f.& Thomson (Ranunculaceae) srub-ka 3600 Kipchen A-U Herb Seed Anticoagulant, antidropsy and helpful in regulating body temperature.
Anemone sp. (Ranunculaceae) bya-rgod-srub-ka 4200 Dabgaythang R-NU Herb Seed Digestive and heals wound, snake bite and tumor.
Arenaria kansuensis Maxim. (Caryophyllaceae) rtsa-a-krong 4980 Hammanyi R-U Herb Flower Useful for lung disorders and abscess formed above the chest region.
Arisaema jacquemontii Blume (Araceae) dav-ba 4200 Dabgaythang A-U Herb Whole Alleviates microbial infection, swelling, malignant growth of tissues and bones, throat infection and obstruction, infertility, uterus diseases and bad-d.kan-smug-po disorders.
Aster flaccidus Bunge (Asteraceae) lug-mig 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Flower Antidote and relieves chronic bronchitis, fever, cough and cold.
Aster neoelegans Hand-Mazz. (Asteraceae) yu-gu-shing-d.kar-po 3100 Tshotshom R-U Herb Whole Reduces fever arising from poisoning and heals wounds, mumps and body swelling.
Aster stracheyi Hook.f. (Asteraceae) chu-de-ba 4180 Yumtsho Gewa A-U Herb Whole Treats infectious diseases, common cold and other epidemic diseases.
Berberis aristata DC. (Berberidaceae) skyer-pa-dkar-po 4030 Kheregewa AB-U Shrub Bark Febrifuge, antidote and antidiarrheal. Useful for chronic cough and cold and eye disorders including conjunctivitis.
Bistorta macrophylla D.Don (Polygonaceae) spang-ram 4290 Yumtsho Gewa AB-U Herb Root Antidiarrheal, antidysenteric and alleviates stomach pain.
Boschniakia himalaica Hook.f. & Thomson (Orobanchaceae) stag-ma'i-yung-rdog 3092 Kipchen A-NU Parasitic Seed, flower Heals lung infections, tumor and blood disorders.
Caltha palustris L. (Ranunculaceae) rta-rmig 4270 Yumtsho Gewa R-NU Herb Whole Heals wound, fractured bone including skull, ruptured blood capillary, headache, migraine and can stop profuse bleeding.
Chrysosplenium forrestii Diels (Saxifragaceae) gya'-kyi-ma 4980 Hammanyi R-U Herb Whole Useful for bile diseases.
Chrysanthemum tatsienense Bureau & Franch. (Asteraceae) ser-po-gzer-'jom 4170 Kheregewa R-U Herb Flower Heals fracture, common cold, chronic throat swelling and other epidemic diseases.
Cirsium verutum (D.Don) Spreng. (Asteraceae) spyang-'tsher-nag-po 4040 Kheregewa AB-NU Herb Whole Emetic and purgative. Allays indigestion, swelling and phlegm disorders.
Clematis acutangula Hook.f.& Thomson (Ranunculaceae) dbying-mong 3800 Tshotshom A-U Vine Stem Antitumor, aperitive, digestive and prevents defective body fluid accumulation.
Codonopsis bhutanica Ludlow (Campanulaceae) klu-bdud-rdo-rje-nag-po 4280 Yumtsho Gewa A-U Herb Whole Allays nephrosis, numbness and tingling, gout, leprosy and helps in blood regulation.
Corydalis crispa Prain (Papaveraceae) ba-sha-ka 4400 Hammanyi R-U Herb Whole Heals blood, liver and bile disorders.
Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. (Rosaceae) bya-pho-tsi-tsi 3500 Kipchen A-NU Shrub Seed Alleviates bile disorders and irregular and excessive blood loss during menstruation.
Cyananthus lobatus Wall. ex Benth.(Campanulaceae) sgon-bu 4180 Chalichung R-NU Herb Whole Anti-inflammatory, enemas and allays bile disorders.
Cynoglossum wallichi G.Don (Boraginaceae) ne-ma-‘byar-ma 4020 Kheregewa R-NU Herb Whole Heals fractured bone, wound, and swelling.
Dactylorhiza hatagirea D. Don (Orchidaceae) dbang-lag 4180 Chalichung R-U Herb Root Aphrodisiac, boost spermatogenesis and nourishes body.
Delphinium drepanocentrum (Bruhl) Munz. (Ranunculaceae) bya-rkang 4300 Hammanyi R-U Herb Whole Useful for dermatitis, dysentery, wound and abscess.
Drosera peltata Thunb. (Droseraceae) rtag-ngu/hoedhen 4290 Yumtsho Gewa A-NU Herb Whole Tonic, hematinic and improves sensation and sensory organs.
Elsholtzia eriostachya (Benth.) Benth. (Lamiaceae) byi-ru-ser-po 4100 Tshotshom R-U Herb Whole Antibacterial. Heals wound, skin and phlegm disorders
Euphorbia wallichii Hook.f. (Euphorbiaceae) thar-nu 3100 Kipchen AB-U Herb Root Laxative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, purgative, useful for edema, eczema, pimple and fungal infections.
Euphrasia officinalis L. (Orobanchaceae) zhim-thig-dkar-po 4200 Dabgaythang A-NU Herb Whole Antiseptic, antibacterial and useful for conjunctivitis, mouth ulcers and toothache.
Fragaria nubicola (Hook.f.) Lindl. ex Lacaita (Rosaceae) bri-rta-sa-'zin 4200 Yumtsho Gewa R-U Herb Whole Anthelmintic and heals neurological and chest infections, and lung inflammation.
Gentiana algida Pall. (Gentianaceae) spang-rgyan-snon-po 4290 Yumtsho Gewa AB-U Herb Flower Febrifuge and useful for sore throat.
Gentiana crassicaulis Duthie ex Burkill (Gentianaceae) kyi-lce-nag-po 4180 Chalichung R-NU Herb Flower Relives fever arising from liver disorders and improves bile production.
Gentiana tibetica var.robusta (King ex Hook.f.) Kusn. (Gentianaceae) kyi-lche-dkar-po 3250 Kipchen R-U Herb Flower Heals stomach and liver inflammation, wound and swelling.
Gentiana urnula Harry Sm. (Gentianaceae) gang-ga-chung 4980 Hammanyi R-U Herb Whole Anti-diarrheal and detoxifier.
Geranium procurrens Yeo (Geraniaceae) ga-dur 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Root Antidiarrheal, antitoxin and antimalarial. Useful for cough and cold, bronchitis and the swelling of limbs.
Geranium refractum Edgew. & Hook.f. (Geraniaceae) gla-sgang 4280 Yumtsho Gewa AB-U Herb Root Relieves common cough and cold. Reduces swelling of limbs.
Gnaphalium hypoleucum DC. (Asteraceae) gan-da-ba-tri 4180 Chalichung AB-NU Herb Root, leave, flower Alleviates tumor, gout, kidney diseases, cough and cold, poisoning, phlegm and ba-d.kan-smug-po disorders. Used for purification rituals.
Hemiphragma heterophyllum Wall. (Plantaginaceae) a-bi-ra 3900 Kipchen AB-NU Herb Whole Rejuvenate body and bodily vigor, purifies blood and maintains normal blood circulation, and alleviates gout and rheumatism.
Heracleum candicans var. obtusifolium (Wall. ex DC.) F.T. Pu & M.F. Watson (Apiaceae) spru-na-d.kar-po 3900 Kipchen A-U Herb Root Stops bleeding (coagulant), relieves headache, and heals leprosy and neurological disorders.
Impatiens laxiflora Edgew. (Balsaminaceae) byi'u-star-ga 3400 Kipchen AB-NU Herb Aerial Allays constipation, amenorrhea and difficulty in urination.
Inula grandiflora Willd. (Asteraceae) ming-can-ser-po 4180 Chalichung R-U Herb Flower Heals abscess/boil, numbness, fever and evil affliction.
Iris kemaonensis D.Don ex Royle (Iridaceae) dres-ma 4200 Dabgaythang A-NU Herb Seed Anthelmintic and antipyretic.
Jaeschkea oligosperma Knobl. (Gentianaceae) lchags-tig 2990 Tshotshom R-U Herb Whole Heals wound, relieves common cough and cold, allays headache caused by disturbances in blood and bile.
Juniperus pseudosabina Fisch. & C.A. Mey. (Cupressaceae) shug-tsher/la-shug 3780 Tshotshom AB-U Tree Leaves Alleviates kidney infections.
Juniperus squamata Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don (Cupressaceae) shug-pa-tsher-can 3780 Tshotshom AB-U Shrub Leaves Alleviates kidney inflammation and reduces accumulation of defective serous fluid in the joints.
Lepisorus contortus (Christ) Ching (Polypodiaceae) brag-spos-pa 3500 Kipchen R-U Epiphytic Leaves Heals bone fracture, burns, wounds and kidney disorders.
Ligularia amplexicaulis DC. (Asteraceae) ri-sho 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Root Emetic. Alleviates indigestion or flatulence. Heals chronic wound and contagious infections, poisoning, phlegm and mkhris-pa (bile) disorders,
Lilium nanum Klotzsch & Garcke (Liliaceae) a-bi-kha 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Whole Antidote, heals bone fracture and head injuries.
Malcolmia africana W.T. Aiton (Brassicaceae) byi'u-la-phug 4200 Dabgaythang R-NU Herb Whole Antidote and helpful for indigestion, meat and food poisoning.
Meconopsis paniculata Prain (Papaveraceae) ud-pal-ser-po 4200 Dabgaythang A-NU Herb Whole Useful for fever related to lung and liver disorders. Digestive and allays phlegm disorders.
Meconopsis simplicifolia (D.Don) Walp. (Papaveraceae) ud-pal-ngon-po 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Whole Antipyretic and antimalarial. Alleviates liver cirrhosis, lung and blood disorders.
Nardostachys grandiflora DC. (Caprifoliaceae) spang-spos 4180 Chalichung A-U Herb Root Detoxifier and alleviates chronic fever and heart disorders.
Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora (Pennell) D.Y. Hong (Plantaginaceae) hong-len 4400 Hammanyi AB-U Herb Root Useful for blood poisoning, burning sensation, heart diseases, jaundice and fever.
Oxytropis ochrocephala Bunge (Fabaceae) dug-srad 3092 Kipchen R-NU Herb Whole Alleviates dropsy and neutralizes poisonous substances in the body.
Panax pseudoginseng Wall. (Araliaceae) bring-gi-ra-dza 3800 Kipchen R-NU Herb Root Provides nourishment, growth, body immunity, wellbeing and longevity.
Parmelia saxatilis (L.) Ach. (Parmeliaceae) sbrul-pag 3092 Kipchen A-U Lichen Cap, Stalk Heals white leprosy, sore foot and skin diseases.
Parnassia ovata Ledeb. (Celastraceae) dngul-tig 4280 Yumtsho Gewa AB-NU Herb Whole Alleviates bile disorders, ganglion blockage and drug side-effects.
Pedicularis integrifolia Hook,f. (Orobanchaceae) glang-snya 4180 Chalilchung A-U Herb Whole Antidiuretic, antirheumatic, regulates menstruation and heals wound.
Pedicularis longiflora Rudolph (Orobanchaceae) lug-ru-ser-po 4200 Yumtsho Gewa A-U Herb Whole Alleviates coagulation, abnormal menstruation, dry mouth and tongue, and blood pressure.
Pedicularis megalantha D.Don (Orobanchaceae) lug-ru-dmar-po 4020 Kheregewa A-U Herb Whole Antidote and useful for intestinal disorders.
Pedicularis siphonantha D. Don (Orobanchaceae) dre-glang 3645 Kipchen A-NU Herb Whole Antidote, antidiarrheal and febrifuge for stomach disorders.
Phlomis rotata Benth. ex Hook.f. (Lamiaceae) rta-lpags 4220 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Whole Strengthen broken bones, improves stiffness caused by nervous disorders, and reduces pain caused by injuries in tendons.
Plantago depressa Willd. (Plantaginaceae) tha-ram 3180 Tshotshom AB-U Herb Root Antidiarrheal.
Pleurospermum hookeri C.B. Clarke (Apiaceae) tang-kun-dkar-po 3980 Tshotshom R-U Herb Root Antidote, anti-inflammatory and heals heart disorders.
Polygonatum singalilense H.Hara (Asparagaceae) lug-mnye 4180 Chalichung R-NU Herb Flower Improves body strength, heals wound and regulates body temperature.
Polygonatum verticillatum (L.) All. (Asparagaceae) ra-mnye 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Root Anthelmintic, tranquilliser, appetiser and antiaging. Reduces unwanted fluid accumulation in joints.
Potentilla arbuscula D. Don (Rosaceae) sped-ma'-me-tog 4500 Hammanyi AB-U Shrub Flower Allays cough and cold.
Potentilla fulgens Wall. ex Hook. (Rosaceae) seng-ge-bar ma 2900 Kipchen AB-NU Herb Bark Alleviates cough and cold.
Primula sp. (Primulaceae) shang-dril-dkar-po 4900 Hammanyi R-U Herb Flower Febrifuge and alleviates arterial, venous, nervous, blood and air disorders.
Primula fasciculata Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward (Primulaceae) gyar-mo-thang 4280 Yumtsho Gewa R-NU Herb Whole Heals wound, inflammation and swelling.
Primula sikkimensis Prain (Primulaceae) shang-dril-ser-po 3800 Kipchen A-NU Herb Flower Febrifuge, antidiarrheal (used for children) and alleviates cardiovascular disorders.
Rabdosia rugosa (Wall. ex Benth.) H.Hara (Lamiaceae) zhim-thig-nag-po 4200 Dabgaythang A-NU Herb Whole Alleviates infections including eye disorders, inflammation and sudden abdominal colic pain.
Ranunculus brotherusii Freyn (Ranunculaceae) lche-tsha 4200 Yumtsho Gewa A-U Herb Whole Antiseptic, antipyretic, heals wound and dries pus.
Ranunculus tricuspis Maxim. (Ranunculaceae) chu-rug-pa/sbal-la 4180 Yumtsho Gewa R-NU Herb Whole Antipyretic and relieves nerve pain.
Rheum australe D. Don (Polygonaceae) chu-rtsa 4100 Chalichung AB-U Herb Root Antipyretic, improves digestion, and heals wound.
Rheum nobile Hook. f. & Thomson (Polygonaceae) chu-kha-metog 4980 Hammanyi R-NU Herb Whole Laxative, diuretic, antiemetic, allays swelling and fullness in the stomach and is a good re-hydration and rejuvenating agent.
Rhododendron anthopogon D. Don (Ericaceae) ba-lu-dkar-po/dav-li metog 3800 Kipchen AB-U Shrub Flower Febrifuge for lung disorders and alleviates dropsy and other swelling of caused by phlegm disorders (ba-dkan-cha-bab). Boost immune system.
Rhododendron glaucophyllum Rehder (Ericaceae) stag-ma'i-lo-ma/zhing 3820 Kipchen AB-U Shrub Leaves Hemostatic and neutralizes other toxic side effects of medicine. Also used in incense products that pacifies gods, demi-gods, deities and spirits.
Rhododendron setosum D. Don (Ericaceae) ba-lu-nag-po 4110 Tshotshom AB-U Shrub Flower Allays grang-ba (including sexually transmitted infections) and gag-lhog (inflammation of the throat and muscle tissues). Used as incense for pacifying gods, demi gods, deities and spirits.
Rosa macrophylla Lindl. (Rosaceae) se-rgod 3800 Kipchen R-U Shrub Fruit Antidote, heals abscess and relieves constipation, cough and cold. Also useful for liver and bile disorders.
Salvia castanea Diels (Lamiaceae) jib-rtsi-chen-po/smug-po 4200 Dabgaythang R-U Herb Whole Febrifuge for toothache and liver disorders. Also heals mouth sores.
Sambucus adnata Wall. ex DC. (Adoxaceae) yu-gu-shing-nag-po 3100 Tshotshom R-U Herb Whole Heals fracture, wound, poison, abscess and other skin related diseases.
Saussurea gossypiphora D.Don (Asteraceae) bya-rgod-sug-pa 4480 Hammanyi R-NU Herb Whole Analgesic and alleviates blood and liver disorders.
Saxifraga moorcroftiana (Ser.) Wall. ex Sternb. (Saxifragaceae) zang-tig 4220 Dabgaythang R-NU Herb Whole Antipyretic and allays bile disorders.
Saxifraga parnassifolia D.Don (Saxifragaceae) gser-tig 4200 Dabgaythang R-NU Herb Whole Heals wouns, cough and cold, and bile disorders including jaundice.
Scopolia lurida (Link ex Spreng.) Dunal (Solanaceae) thang-khrom-nag-po 4080 Kheregewa A-U Herb Seed Anthelmintic. Allays sinusitis, colic pain and microbial infections.
Sedum ewersii Ledeb. (Crassulaceae) tshan-a'u-tsai 4120 Chalichung A-NU Herb Whole Alleviates fever arising from new and chronic lung infections.
Selinum wallichianum (DC.) Raizada & H.O. Saxena (Apiaceae) bam-po 3100 Tshotshom AB-NU Herb Seed Allays inflammation (specific to hand, leg and stomach), and heals skran (tumour).
Silene himalayensis (Rohrb.) Majumdar (Caryophyllaceae) ra-sug 3780 Kipchen R-NU Herb Whole Allays nasal and ear infections. Also used as cleansing (detergents) agent.
Soroseris hookeriana srol-gong-ser-po 4050 Kheregewa R-U Herb Whole Relieves fever (poisoning), heals bone fracture and prevents infection and sepsis.
Stebbins (Asteraceae)
Spiraea arcuata Hook.f. (Rosaceae) Smag-shed 3000 Tshotshom A-NU Shrub Leaves Heals wound, subsides fever arising from bone infections, and drains out infected serous fluid (chuser).
Stellaria sp. (Caryophyllaceae) byi-shang-dkar-mo 4100 Chalichung AB-NU Herb Flower Heals chronic fever arising due to lung disorders and tumor.
Taraxacum officinale F.H.Wigg. (Asteraceae) khur-mong 4020 Kheregewa AB-U Herb Whole Removes toxin from the body (detoxifier). Allays fever arising from stomach disorders.
Thalictrum reniforme Wall. (Ranunculaceae) sngo-sprin 2870 Tshotshom A-U Herb Whole Antidote, antimicrobial, antimalarial and analgesic.
Usnea sp. (Parmeliaceae) dngul-skud 4190 Chalichung A-NU Lichen Whole Heals lung, liver, nerve and poison related diseases.
Valeriana wallichii DC. (Caprifoliaceae) rgya-spos 4180 Chalichung R-U Herb Whole Febrifuge. Alleviates epidemic and communicable diseases, severe inflammation of the nose, throat and windpipe (trachea), swelling caused by allergens, painful spleen infections, and heals pus/abscess.
Veratrilla baillonii Franch. (Gentianaceae) rgu-drus 4380 Hammanyi R-NU Herb Root Vasoconstrictor and allays wound, colic, stomachache and infectious diseases. Heals hollow organ and poisoning.
Veronica cephaloides Pennell (Plantaginaceae) ldum-nag-dom-phri 4020 Kheregewa R-U Herb Whole Heals wound, ulcer and stops hemorrhage.
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Medik. (Apocynaceae) sno-dug-mo-nung 2900 Kipchen R-NU Herb Whole Febrifuge for bile disorders, anthelmintic, dysentery and throat swelling.
  1. NB: R-U Rare & Used, R-NU Rare but Not Used, A-U Available & Used, A-NU Available but Not Used, AB-U Abundant & Used, AB-NU Abundant but Not Used