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Table 1 Main reasons why people from different socio-ecological zones of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley, central México, let standing trees and shrubs in their agroforestry systems (AFS)

From: TEK and biodiversity management in agroforestry systems of different socio-ecological contexts of the Tehuacán Valley

  Reasons Temperate zones Arid zones Tropical dry and wet zones
Utilitarian Edible product X X X
Firewood X X X
Fodder X X X
Edible fruit X   X
Tools X X X
Medicine X X X
Timber X   
Construction   X  
Beverages X X  
Ecosystem benefits Shade X X X
Maintenance of fertility X X  
Erosion control   X X
Water control    X
Windbreaks X   X
Attractor of rain X   
Boundary X X  
Crop management Support climbing crops X   
Habitat of useful species   X X
Storing straw   X  
Conforming the terrain    
Ethics Part of nature X X  
Ornamental    X
Ceremonial   X X
Does not affect X   X
Use regulations    X