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Table 1 Categories and number of practices mentioned per category in relation to the farmers’ aim of maintaining and improving livestock health and welfare (n = 144; 1,139 practices mentioned)

From: Local knowledge held by farmers in Eastern Tyrol (Austria) about the use of plants to maintain and improve animal health and welfare

Category Number of practices mentioned Examples of practices mentioned by informants
Fodder/feeding 416 Kind of fodder, quality of fodder etc. (Table 2)
Animal care or management 338 Claw trimming, animal cleanliness, exercise during summer on alpine grazing grounds
Environmental management 209 Ventilation in the stable, cleanliness of troughs, sufficient litter
Human-animal relationship 70 Taking one’s time, handling with care and love, proper observation of animals
Veterinary medicine 21 Deworming, sheep dip, testing for Lyme disease, veterinarian medical control
Household remedy 18 Lubrication with used grease or lard against insects
Breeding 18 Own breeds, native breeds, Simmental breed vulnerable to claw problems
Cultural-religious activities 13 Sprinkling with holy water, feeding of sacred Easter horseradish, feeding of sacred salt
Other categories 36 Organic farming