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Table 5 Number of animal species by category and type of use cited by community groups of the FLONA of Araripe, Ceará, Brazil

From: Fauna used by rural communities surrounding the protected area of Chapada do Araripe, Brazil

Category of uses Types of known uses No. of cited species
Group 1 Group 2
Food resource human food 10 10
Handcraft (for the leather) cooking appliances (blanket, knapsack, gibbon, belt); making of musical instruments (tambourine); furniture (upholstery and stool) 1 2
Medicinal ear diseases (ear pain, deafness); respiratory diseases (cough, sore throat, asthma); digestive system diseases (toothache); musculoskeletal diseases (rheumatism, back pain), eye disease (conjunctivitis), diseases of the circulatory system (hemorrhoids), poisoning (snake bite); symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical examinations (cracks in the feet, mycosis) 5 2
Ornamental wall hangings (room decoration) 0 1
Mystic making of keychains 0 1
Other uses making tools (needle for sewing leather); harness; sheath for knife 1 3