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Table 2 Process and responsibilities for producing the two participatory videos

From: Children as ethnobotanists: methods and local impact of a participatory research project with children on wild plant gathering in the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Reserve, Austria

  Day Objective Activity Children’s responsibilities Workshop leaders’ responsibilities
Introduction to video-making Day 1:
½ day
Familiarisation of children with making videos; introduction to roles of video team Teaching and experimenting with video material and camera equipment Learning about making videos Teaching about making videos
Writing of storyboard Day 1:
¼ day
Composition of storyboard Collect children’s knowledge about wild plant gathering and use; write short stories about especially knowledgeable gatherers and their practices Generating ideas, writing of storyboard, drafting of interview questions, decision on storyboard Introducing storyboard writing, decision on story board, defining topic of wild plant gathering
Organisation of video recording Day 1:
¼ day
Preparation of participatory video recording Proposing and contacting wild plant gatherers and arranging filming on site Proposing gatherers to be interviewed
Asking gatherers for their availability if he/she was a relative
Contacting proposed gatherers and arranging filming on site
Video recording Days 2–4:
3 days
Recording of raw material for videos Distribution of roles to storyboard team and backstage team, taping of videos Taping of videos Guiding and supervising the taping of videos
Intermediary raw editing Days 2–4:
3 days
Gaining raw versions of the videos to discuss strengths and weaknesses every morning, introducing children to editing process Raw editing of film material None Full responsibility
Development of a frame story Day 5:
½ day
Writing the storyboard for the frame story to embed videos in a larger context Brainstorming for storyboard, writing stories and decision for selected story Bringing costumes for studio recording; suggesting title Guiding and supervising the development of the frame story
Recording of frame story Day 5:
½ day
Recording of frame story Recording frame story, making and recording music to be included in the video, designing of cover of DVD box Recording the frame story, making and recording music, drawing a cover Guiding and supervising the recording of the frame story
Discussion of raw version of complete video Day 9:
½ day
Adjusting ideas of children and gatherers with ideas of workshop leaders Presentation of videos to children and all involved gatherers starring in the video, discussion of changes Suggestions for changes Presentation of videos; taking up suggestions for changes
Final editing Day 14 Producing final video Final editing following comments received None Full responsibility