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Fig. 1

From: A quiet harvest: linkage between ritual, seed selection and the historical use of the finger-bladed knife as a traditional plant breeding tool in Ifugao, Philippines

Fig. 1

Photos illustrating variation in blade and handle shape of finger knives collected by Dr. Harold Conklin in the Philippines. Accession #’s and general information are as follows: a 241693; handle 25.5 cm, collected from Uma, Lubuagan kalinga-Apayao Province; b, f, g 261091; handle 19 cm, blade 11 cm, collected from Bayninan, Ifugao; c 241618; handle 19 cm, collected from Butbut, Kalinga Subprovince, Kalinga-Apayao Province; d 261085; handle 19.5 cm, blade 10.5 cm, collected from Bayninan, Ifugao; e 261097; handle 20 cm, blade 10.5 cm, collected from Bayninan, Ifugao; h 261087; handle 19.5 cm, blade 13 cm, collected from Bayninan, Ifugao; i 261090; handle 17 cm, blade 12 cm, collected from Bayninan, Ifugao. Photos: Kevin Murphy. The photos were taken with permission from the MET university

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