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Table 4 Data on H. reidi reproductive peak, in situ, along Brazilian coast

From: Seahorses in focus: local ecological knowledge of seahorse-watching operators in a tropical estuary

Author Site Months of reproductive peak Season Rainfall pattern Data source
[3] Rosa et al., 2005 Brazil (N and NE) Winter
[20] Silveira, 2005 Maracaípe, Penambuco (NE) June to october Winter Rainy season Biological
[44] Rosa et al., 2007 Brazil (NE, SE and S) October to february Summer Biological
[33] Osório, 2008 Pacoti and Malcozinhado estuary, Ceará (NE) January to march Summer Rainy season Biological
[48] Mai; Velasco, 2012 Delta do Parnaíba, Piauí (NE) May to november Winter Dry season Biological
Present study Maracaípe, Pernambuco (NE) May to september Winter Rainy season Ethnobiological