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Table 1 Names of collected fuelwood species and comments on their heating efficiency

From: Ethnobotanical knowledge acquisition during daily chores: the firewood collection of pastoral Maasai girls in Southern Kenya

No.*** Local name of the species Scientific name Location Life form Heating efficiency Smoke Other features
4 oiti Acacia mellifera (Vahl) Benth. a tree good no good charcoal
2 olkiloriti Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Delile b tree good no heavy
8 enkilelio Acacia senegal (L.) Wild b tree * * easy to break into pieces, it does not stay in the fire for a long time
24 olderkesi Acacia senegal (L.) Wild c tree * a lot leaves ashes after being burnt
3 oltepesi Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) Hayne a tree good * hard, leaves ashes after being burnt
19 osalagi Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Delile a tree * a lot the smoke hurts one’s eyes
21 olng'osua Balanites glabra Mildbr. & Schltr. a tree good a lot the smoke hurts one’s eyes and has a bitter taste when floats into mouth
6 nenkopang Bridelia taitensis Vatke & Pax b shrub * a little too small for use as firewood
13 enkonerei Commiphora schimperi (O.Berg) Engl. b tree * *  
17 osioki Cordia monoica Roxb. b tree * yes the smoke has a good smell, the dried wood easily attracts ants
14 oltiasika Dalbergia melanoxylon Guill. & Perr. b tree good no  
15 olalejani Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jacq. b shrub good a little the smoke has a bad smell
25 olporokuai Dombeya kirkii Mast. c shrub good no it can stay in the fire for a long time
9 esamantet Grewia fallax K.Schum. a tree * no it cannot stay in the fire for a long time
5 esiteti Grewia sp. b tree * no  
12 olmangulai Grewia villosa Willd. b shrub * yes too small for use as firewood
16 olorien Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata (Wall. & G.Don) Cif. c tree * yes the smoke has a good smell, and is used to clean milk containers
7 enkitarrae Opilia amentacea Roxb. c liana * no too small for use as firewood
1 enkorsiyanchoi Ormocarpum kirkii S.Moore b tree good no heavy, good charcoal
11 olokunonoi Ozoroa insignis Delile b tree * no the wood has a bad smell
18 oltimigomi Pappea capensis Eckl. & Zeyh. c tree * yes the smoke has a good smell, for use as tea leaves
10 olmisigiyoi Rhus natalensis Krauss b shrub * no good charcoal, it can stay in the fire for a long time
22 entulele** Solanum incanum L. a grass * no it burns out easily
23 olegipeta Teclea simplicifolia (Engl.) Verd. c tree * *  
  1. Notes: data was collected from interviews with 15 women (who ranged in age from their 20s to 80s), and listed with alphabet order of the scientific names. Diverse answers can be found concerning the described features of wood species, which are marked with *. Because this paper focuses on the EK acquisition of girls, details of the differences in women’s descriptions and their reasons would not have been discussed. Location: a-Oiti, b-Oldonyo Wuarikon, c-Embilbil Oldonyo Sampu (see Fig. 1)
  2. **Due to inefficient voucher information, I could not get identification information of this plant species. I adopted its scientific name from Kiringe’s study [39]
  3. ***No. refers to the voucher numbers that provided for plant identification