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Table 1 Species of snakes used by the inhabitants of the Cuetzalan. The use categories are indicated with the following letters: Food use (F), medicinal (M), clothing (C), artisanal use (A) and magical-religious use (R)

From: Traditional use and perception of snakes by the Nahuas from Cuetzalan del Progreso, Puebla, Mexico

Family/Species Common name Use categories Animal parts utilized Protection categories
Boa imperator a Mazacuate F, C, A, R Meat, skin E - I, II
Conopsis lineata Frijolera R - - - -
Drymarchon melanurus Frijolera R - - LC -
Drymobius margaritiferus Chirrionera M Meat - - -
Geophis sp. Coralillo M Everything - - -
Imantodes cenchoa Nauyaca F, M, R Fat SP - -
Leptodeira septentrionalis Bejuquillo R -    
Adelphicos quadrivirgatum Calatera R - SP LC -
Coniophanes imperialis Chirrionera R - - LC -
Lampropeltis triangulum Coralillo M Everything E - -
Leptophis mexicanus Bejuquillo R - E LC -
Oxybelis aeneus Bejuquillo R -    
Pliocercus elapoides Coralillo M Snake - LC -
Tantilla rubra Chirrionera R, F, M, C Meat, skin SP LC -
Tropidodipsas sartorii Coralillo M Snake SP LC -
Bothrops asper Nauyaca M, R, C, A, F Skin, meat, fangs, vertebrae - - -
Atropoides nummifer Nauyaque F, M, R Fat - - -
Micrurus bernadi Coralillo M Meat and skin - - -
  1. The protection categories are also presented: E endangered, SP special protection, LC low concern, Appendix I lists species that are the most endangered among CITES-listed animals and plants. Appendix II lists species t hat are not necessarily now threatened with extinction but that may become so unless trade is closely controlled.
  2. a Boa constrictor as appear in the protection norms due not actualized information