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Table 6 Summary of the responses to the open question asked to self-defined wasp-chasers (Questionnaire B): ‘Why did you start keeping wasps?’ Example responses from each category are given in the final two rows (in both Japanese and English)

From: Nested Houses: Domestication dynamics of human–wasp relations in contemporary rural Japan

   Why did you start keeping wasps?
Wasp festival N Tradition/Influence of parents For use as food Enjoying nature Enjoyment Influence of non-relatives
Kushihara 10 2 1 2 4 0
Ina 26 9 1 1 4 1
Higashi-shirakawa 37 4 2 5 8 3
Totals 73 15 4 8 16 4
Example response (Japanese)   子供頃からやっていたから (kodomo no koro kara yatte ita kara) 食用 (shoko yō no tame) 山が好き (yama ga suki) 楽しそう (tanoshisō) 回り友達 (mawari no tomodachi)
Example response (English)   Because I’ve done it since I was a child For use as food I love the mountains and forests It looked like fun Friends around me