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Table 4 General categories in veterinary area, included emic veterinary categories and Use Citations

From: Multi-functionality of the few: current and past uses of wild plants for food and healing in Liubań region, Belarus

Food category Emic veterinary categories UC
Diarrhoea (20) Diarrhoea in calves 2
Diarrhoea in chicken 1
Diarrhoea in cows 10
Diarrhoea in pigs 8
Fodder (21) Fodder for bees in spring 1
Fodder for calves 1
Fodder for chicks 1
Fodder for cows 3
Fodder for cows, to increase milk production 1
Fodder for home animals 2
Fodder for pigs 5
Fodder for rabbits 4
Fodder for turkey 3
Other (14) Appetizer for cows 2
Bacterial diseases in bees 1
Blood in urine in cows 1
Cold in domesticated animals 1
Cuts in domesticated animals 1
Disinfectant for home animals 1
Good for cows 1
Good for horses 1
Helminthic infection in cows 1
Helminthic infection in pigs 1
When piglets do not go to their mother 1
Vitamins for cows 1
Wounds in cows 1
Rumination problems (7) Rumination problems in cows 6
Rumination problems in goats 1
Strengthening of animals (6) Strengthening of cows 1
Strengthening of piglets 1
Strengthening of pigs 4