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Table 7 Medicinal preparations for oral application reported in Karst and Gorjanci

From: Folk use of medicinal plants in Karst and Gorjanci, Slovenia

Preparation method No. of plants
Fresh and dried plant material Dried fruits 3
Raw fruits 1
Juice 1
Leaf for chewing 1
Seeds 1
Bulb 1
Heat-processed plant material Infusion 48
Decoction 1
Compote from dried fruits 2
Leaves cooked in (caramel) milk 2
Cooked in wine 1
Roux soup with eggs and flowers 1
Egg omelet with plant material 3
Eggs cooked in a frying pan and sprinkled with flowers 1
Distillation Essential oil 1
Alcoholic distillate 1
Maceration Maceration in schnapps 16
Maceration in wine 2
Syrup 9