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Table 1 Historical and current names of villages and areas studied by Adam Fischer’s field collaborators

From: Fischer’s Plants in folk beliefs and customs: a previously unknown contribution to the ethnobotany of the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian borderland

Locality Contemporarty name Country
Giby Giby Poland
Grygielany Гиpгeляны Belarus
Janów nad Wilią Jonava Lithuania
Kowno (and Kowno area) Kaunas Lithuania
Kozły Кoзлы Belarus
Narbutowszczyzna Hapбуты Belarus
Nowogródek Haвaгpудaк Belarus
Graużyszki area Гpaвжишки Belarus
Wilno area Vilnius Lithuania
Wiłkomierz area Ukmergė Lithuania
Olany Oляны Belarus
Oszmiana Aшмяны Belarus
Polany Пoляны Belarus
Święty Duch Будзёнaўкa Belarus
Troki Trakai Lithuania