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Table 2 Plants commonly used to repel insects in six Cameroonian local communities

From: Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used as insects repellents in six malaria endemic localities of Cameroon

Plant family Species Specimen number Vernacular name Origin Botany Part used Mode of Preparation Mode of administration
Annonaceae Greenwayodendron suaveolens Engl. & Diels 1879 HNC Mpolè (Bakola, Bagyeli) Wild Tree Bark Smash fresh bark Skin application
Arecaceae Elaeis guineensis Jacq. 34163 HNC Lélendé (Bakola); Mimbang malendé (Bagyeli); Alen (Ewondo); Zam-na-malendé (Ngumba) Cultivated Tree Flower 1. Burn dry flowers
2. Burn dry flowers + fresh leaves of C. odorata.
3. Burn dry flowers + leaves of S. officinarum + suspended termitarium
Burseraceae Canarium schweinfurtii Engl. 16929 SFR/CAM Bélè (Ngumba); Ottou (Ewondo); Bologa (Baka); Beul (Bakoum); Waate (Yambeta) Wild Tree Sap Burn dry or fresh sap/mix ash with body milk/lotion. Smokes/skin application of resulting potion
Compositae Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M.King & H.Rob. 57408 HNC Gomgom (Ngumba) Wild Herb Leaf and whole plant 1. Burn whole plant
2. Burn fresh leaves + dry flowers of E. guineensis.
Lamiaceae Ocimum gratissimum L. 5817SFR/Cam Massissip (Ngumba) Cultivated Herb Leaf Smash leaves Skin application
Premna angolensis Gürke   Kinoubeunoubeu (Bafia) Wild Shrub Leaf Hang fresh leaves Hang inside the house
Leguminosae Cylicodiscus gabunensis Harms 21574 SRF/Cam Okan; Adoum (Ewondo) Wild Tree Bark Burn dry bark + dry flowers of E. guineensis Smokes
Erythrophleum ivorense A.Chev. 45333 HNC Mbamda (Bafia) Wild Tree Bark Burn fresh bark Smokes
Musaceae Musa x paradisiaca L. 42391 HNC Ekouan (Ewondo) Cultivated Tree Leaf Burn dry leaves + flowers of E. guineensis Smokes
Musa sp.   Odué (Ewondo) Cultivated Tree Leaf Burn dry leaves + flowers of E. guineensis Smokes
Piperaceae Piper umbellatum L. 42274 HNC Ndembèlembè (Baka) Wild Shrub Leaf Smashed fresh leaves Skin application
Poaceae Saccharum officinarum L. 25820 SRF/Cam Nkogo’o (Bakola) Cultivated Shrub Leaf Burn fresh leaves + dry flowers of E. guineensis + suspended termitarium Smokes
Cymbopogon nardus (L.) Rendle   Citronella grass (English) Cultivated Herb Whole 1. Hang whole plant
2. Distillate whole plant for essential oil
Hang/spray oil inside the house
Rutaceae Citrus limon (L.) Osbeck   Nyopiang (Ngumba) Cultivated Tree Fruit Pressed fruit for juice. Skin application
Siparunaceae Glossocalyx longicuspis Benth. 46245 HNC Anyanzoa (Ngumba) Wild Shrub Leaf Hang/Crumple fresh leaves Hang/spread inside the house.
Zingiberaceae Aframomum alboviolaceum (Ridl.) K. Schum. 34888 HNC Ndjii (Baka) Wild Shrub Leaf Smash fresh leaves Apply on skin
  1. Information on medicinal plants uses was collected through visiting the field with informants, presenting plants specimens, and/or checklist interviews on medicinal plants used to repel insects, including mosquitoes. The plant parts used as well as the modes of preparation and administration were recorded