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Table 3 Synthesis of knowledge on households of pajareros

From: The use of birds as pets in Mexico

Knowledge Description of the type of knowledge
Abiotic Climatology
Geography: Spatial and topographic knowledge of capturing sites; knowledge of roadmaps and public transportation routes in Mexico; geographic location of markets.
Biotic Identification of a large number of bird species.
Biology of captured species: feeding habits, reproduction, etc.
Ecology of captured wild bird species.
Predators of captured wild bird species.
Identification of herbaceous and woody plants used as inputs.
Manipulation of birds: behavior, needed care, diseases.
Ethnoveterinary medicine and bird anatomy.
Migration of captured wild bird species.
Distribution and abundance of captured wild bird species.
Environmental issues Destruction and loss of habitat, deforestation, land use change, several anthropic activities, and lack of food.
Social Capability of working in a team.
Leadership recognition.
Collaborative management of the resources with other capturers.
Ease of speech, persuasiveness, and empathy with buyers.
Economic Management of days for capturing.
Financial management in buying bird’s foodstuffs and medications.
Management of days for selling.
Daily management of expenses and budget.
Tool design Basic carpentry.
Administrative or legal Environmental laws and norms.
Places where capture is banned.
Species of wild birds that cannot be captured.