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Table 1 Perennial plant species management in Tajos

From: Semiarid ethnoagroforestry management: Tajos in the Sierra Gorda, Guanajuato, Mexico

Management status Species Reasons Management
Removed Cnidoscolus multilobus
Rhus radicans
Ficus cotinifolia
Pithecellobium dulce
Stinging and competition with crops Removed from the surface or root. Cut with an ax or machete, removed with crowbars or burned
Tolerated Melia azedarach
Acacia farnesiana
They don ´t compete with crops or cause other damage No specific, sometimes inns or partially removed
Protected or Encouraged Prosopis laevigata
Pithecellobium dulce
Sideroxylon palmeri
Platanus mexicana
Senna atomaria
Morus sp.
Stenocereus pruinosus
Psidium guajava
Carya illinoiensis
Timber, fuelwood, shade, fodder and fruits for consumption Protected wild and domestic animals, rising of the river, winds, drought and extreme temperatures. Pruned and fertilized. Simply transplanted occasions.
Cultivated Persea americana
Mangifera indica
Citrus spp.
Carya illinoiensis
Musa paradisiaca
Carica papaya
Prunus persica
Fruits for family consumption and sale Acquired through exchange or purchase. Propagated seedlings in home gardens or orchads. Transplanted to privileged sites. Fertilized, watered, pruned and grafted.