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Table 1 The main emic categories of construction and tool plant use in the studied valley

From: Plants as highly diverse sources of construction wood, handicrafts and fibre in the Heihe valley (Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi, China): the importance of minor forest products

Type of use Use reports Most preferred/used species
Furniture 92 Prunus stellipila, Fraxinus mandshurica
Construction 91 Pinus tabuliformis, Pinus armandii
Chopping boards 81 Prunus stellipila, Betula albosinensis, Pyrus sp.
Pick-axe handles 57 Cornus kousa
Spade handles 53 Meliosma dillenifolia
Doors 52 Pinus tabuliformis, Pinus armandii
Ladders 50 Pinus armandii, Pinus tabuliformi,
Carrying sticks 44 Morus alba
Beehives 42 Populus purdomii, Paulownia tomentosa
Shoes 41 Tilia spp.
Barrels 39 Platycladus orientalis, Catalpa fargesii
Tables 38 Prunus stellipila
Hoe handles 37 Cornus kousa, Meliosma dillenifolia
Coffins 34 Tsuga chinensis
Baskets 32 Phyllostachys spp., Fargesia nitida
Rolling pins 32 Buxus sinica, Betula albosinensis, Cornus controversa, Stachyurus chinensis
Walking sticks 31 Philadelphus incanus
Chairs 28 Prunus stellipila
Windows 28 Pinus tabuliformis, Pinus armandii
Firewood 22 Quercus aliena
Roof materials 18 Cotinus coggygria
Bridges 16 Castanea mollissima
Basket Handles 15 Berchemia sinica
Fences 13 Castanea mollissima, Toxicodendron vernicifluum
Ropes 12 Pueraria montana var. lobata
Grain shovels 12 Salix spp., Pterocarya macroptera
Fork handles 11 Meliosma dillenifolia
Harrow (teeth) 10 Euonymus alatus
Sickle handles 9 Cornus kousa
Ciba Hammers 9 Eucommia ulmoides, Ulmus macrocarpa
Ploughs 6 Cornus spp., Quercus spp.
Rake handles 4 Cornus kousa