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Table 1 List of wild food plants used in the study area of the Middle Agri Valley

From: Ethnobotanical survey of wild food plants traditionally collected and consumed in the Middle Agri Valley (Basilicata region, southern Italy)

Botanical name RFC Botanical family Part of the plant used Italian folk name Culinary use Medicinal use (preparation and administration)
Allium schoenoprasum L. 0.03 Amaryllidaceae leaves   flavouring  
Arbutus unedo L. 0.05 Ericaceae fruits gan’l fresh fruits  
Armoracia rusticana Gaertn., Mey. et Scherb. 0.68 Brassicaceae roots rafnt flavouring, omelettes or with eggs, cheese and pasta  
Apium nodiflorum (L.) Lag. 0.02 Apiaceae leaves crescione mixed vegetables soup, pan-fried  
Asparagus acutifolius L. 0.48 Asparagaceae shoots sparasc’ fried with eggs and salami kidney wellbeing (cold cooking water)
Beta vulgaris L. ssp. maritima (L.) Arcang. 0.52 Amaranthaceae leaves iet’ alone in soup or with beans, in “stuffed pizza”  
Borago officinalis L. 0.43 Boraginaceae leaves burraccia alone in soup or with beans, pancakes  
Cardus pycnocephalus L. 0.05 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled, pan-fried  
Carthamus caeruleus L. 0.03 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled  
Capparis spinosa L. 0.14 Capparaceae buds   flavouring  
Cichorium intybus L. 0.95 Asteraceae leaves cicoria salads, alone in soup or with beans or with mixed vegetables liver wellbeing (cold cooking water and cooked leaves)
Clematis vitalba L. 0.34 Ranuncolaceae shoots grambullin’, vitacchia omelettes, pan-fried with garlic, eggs and salami  
Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. 0.03 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled  
Cornus mas L. 0.05 Cornaceae fruits curnal’ fresh fruits  
Cynara cardunculus L. ssp. cardunculus 0.05 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled, pan-fried  
Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC 0.12 Brassicaceae leaves   salad, pasta topping, pizza topping  
Equisetum arvense L. 0.02 Equisetaceae shoots stoccagnung omelettes, pan-fried  
Ficus carica L. 0.02 Moraceae fruits fic’ fresh fruits  
Foeniculum vulgare Mill. 0.60 Apiaceae seeds (I),leaves (II), stems (III) finuch’ flavouring (I, II), liqueurs (I), mixed vegetables soup (II, III) also with beans improves digestion (I)
Fragaria vesca L. 0.19 Rosaceae fruits   fresh fruits  
Glycyrrhiza glabra L. 0.21 Fabaceae roots (I), leaves and stem (II) rrarc rural snack (I) feet sweating (II)
Humulus lupulus L. 0.19 Cannabaceae shoots gupl’ fried with eggs and salami, soup  
Lactuca serriola L. 0.10 Asteraceae leaves scarola salad  
Lactuca virosa L. 0.03 Asteraceae leaves scarola salad, soup  
Laurus nobilis L. 0.14 Lauraceae leaves laur’ flavouring  
Leopoldia comosa (L.) Parl. 0.47 Asparagaceae bulbs cipullun’, pickle, pan-fried soothing of burning eyes (rubbing on the temples)
Malus sylvestris Mill. 0.02 Rosaceae fruits pomo silvestr’ fresh fruits  
Mentha pulegium L. 0.14 Lamiaceae leaves piliesc’ flavouring  
Mentha spicata L. 0.14 Lamiaceae leaves   flavouring  
Mespilus germanica L. 0.03 Rosaceae fruits nespulë fresh fruits  
Morus alba L. 0.03 Moraceae fruits cieusi fresh fruits  
Origanum vulgare L. 0.19 Lamiaceae leaves arigan’ flavouring  
Papaver rhoeas L. 0.29 Papaveraceae leaves paparina mixed vegetable soup  
Pastinaca sativa L. 0.22 Apiaceae roots rrarc pastanacc’ with eggs, buttered and fried  
Portulaca oleracea L. 0.31 Portulaceae leaves purchiazz’ salad  
Picris hieracioides L. 0.17 Asteraceae leaves spruin’ mixed vegetable soup  
Prunus spinosa L. 0.07 Rosaceae fruits   fresh fruits  
Pyrus pyraster (L). Du Roi 0.07 Rosaceae fruits   fresh fruits  
Robinia pseudoacacia L. 0.09 Fabaceae flowers cagg’ rural snack, pancakes  
Rosmarinus officinalis L. 0.07 Lamiaceae leaves   flavouring  
Rubus spp. 0.22 Rosaceae fruits rivital’ fresh fruits  
Ruscus aculeatus L. 0.10 Asparagaceae shoots   fried with eggs and salami  
Sambucus nigra L. 0.10 Adoxaceae flowers   liqueur, omelette, pancake stomach ache (decoction together with chamomile)
Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. 0.05 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled  
Sinapis alba L. 0.03 Brassicaceae leaves sinap’ mixed vegetable soup, pan-fried  
Sinapis arvensis L. 0.38 Brassicaceae leaves ass’n mixed vegetable soup, pan-fried  
Sonchus spp. (oleraceus L., asper L., arvensis L.) 0.76 Asteraceae leaves sivon’ mixed vegetable soup, pan-fried  
Sorbus domestica L. 0.10 Rosaceae fruits sur’v fresh fruits  
Onopordum acanthium L. 0.03 Asteraceae stems cardone, scardunecch’ boiled  
Taraxacum officinalis Weber 0.09 Asteraceae leaves pasc’ percor’ mixed vegetable soup, pan-fried  
Urtica spp. (dioica L., urens L.) 0.29 Urticaceae leaves lurdicul’ mixed vegetable soup, omelette  
Ziziphus jujuba Mill. 0.05 Rhamnaceae fruits scesc’l fresh fruits  
  1. Roman numbers indicate the correlation between the traditional culinary use and a specific part of the plant
  2. RFC Relative Frequency of Citation Index
  3. Medicinal use: in brackets the way the plants are prepared and administered to give the mentioned therapeutic effect