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Table 6 Disease category and their ICF values

From: Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used against human ailments in Gubalafto District, Northern Ethiopia

Categories Ailments/diseases No. of species used No. of use citations ICF values
Undefined illness Febrile and headache 29 70 0.59
Dermal Dandruff, wound, eczema, tinia versicolor, baldness, hemorrhoid, boils/furunclosis, skin cancer, swell 66 135 0.52
Respiratory systems Stomachache, digestion problems, bloat, diarrhea, toothache 24 41 0.43
Digestive system Stomachache, digestion problems, bloat, diarrhea, toothache 63 103 0.39
Animal and insect cause Cutaneous leishmaniasis, snake bite and poison, rabies, malaria, spider poison, scorpion poisons 26 40 0.36
Cultural related Evil eye and evil spirit, diseases epidemic, general illness 16 24 0.35
Circulatory systems Bleeding, hypertension 16 24 0.35
Musculoskeletal & nervous system Bone broke and fracture, nerve problem 6 5 0.2
Sense organs Eye problem, ear mites, ear bloat, trachoma, vision impairment 17 19 0.11
Excretory and reproductive Impotency, urinary retention, expelled uterus, kidney infections, ABO-incompatible, gonorrhea, sexual diseases, retained embryo 18 19 0.06