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Table 3 Medicinal uses of plants

From: Naukan ethnobotany in post-Soviet times: lost edibles and new medicinals

Genus Species Part UVpres UVpast Maintained uses Lost uses Gained uses
Alaria marginata Postels & Ruprecht Stem 0.1 0 Contains iodine, good for general health a
Angelica gmelinii (DC.) Pimenov Total 0.72 0.57    
Root 0.57 0.57 Smoke good for coughs, asthma, aiding childbirth preventing illness in general, decoction used for headache
Leaves 0.14 0 Eaten or used to make a steam bath to treat cold and cough
Artemisia tilesii Ledeb. Leaves, stem 0.19 0 Tea or steam bath for cough, steam bath for leg pain b
Petasites frigidus (L.) Fr. Leaves 0.44 0 Tea for cough and colds, steam bath for colds b
Rhodiola integrifolia Raf. Root 0.44 0 Tincture is tonic b, helps sore throats; cold water infusion for mood improvement and stomach problems b; warm water infusion used externally to strengthen hair
Empetrum nigrum L. Berries 0.2 0 Lower blood pressure c and help diarrhea when eaten
Rhododendron tomentosum Harmaja Leaves 0.31 0 Expectorant tea for coughs and colds b
Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. Total 0.75 0    
Berries 0.38 0 Colds c and fevers; high blood pressure b; heart health
Leaves 0.38 0 Tea for colds c, high blood pressure, diuretic b, steam bath as expectorant c
Laminaria saccharina (L.) Lamouroux Stem 0.09 0 Contains iodine, good for general health d
Epilobium latifolium L. Leaves 0.47 0.47 Good for diarrhea when eaten
Polygonum tripterocarpum A. Gray ex Rothr. Leaves 0.1 0.1 Good for diarrhea when eaten
Rubus chamaemorus L. Sepals 0.81 0 Tea for colds, cough, sore throat b, steam inhaled for asthma
Salix pulchra Cham. Leaves 0.14 0.14 Good for diarrhea when eaten
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