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Table 2 Outline of discussion topics and questions used in interviews

From: Are identities oral? Understanding ethnobotanical knowledge after Irish independence (1937–1939)

General topics Details documented
Informant information Age, date of birth, place of birth.
School details Name, location, religious ethos, sex of teacher.
General conversation School and classroom description, number of pupils in school and class, daily class routine.
The Schools’ Folklore Scheme When and how they heard about the scheme, how the scheme was implemented, what part it played in the school curriculum, how did the teacher advise on collecting the information, whom did they collect information from, how often did it happen, how was the information recorded, did they think the scheme had a positive or negative affect on them, would they recommend a comparable scheme be implemented today.
Traditional medicinal knowledge Did they collect and record TMK, what specific TMK can they recall, did they pass this information on to younger generations.