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Table 1 Responses on feeding children with Senene

From: Traditions, beliefs and indigenous technologies in connection with the edible longhorn grasshopper Ruspolia differens (Serville 1838) in Tanzania

Information collected Percentage respondents (%)
Population currently giving senene to children (n = 51)
 Yes 76.0
 No 24.0
Reasons for feeding children senene (n = 43)
 Are nutritious 65.1
 Children like senene 27.9
 I just feed them 7.0
Reasons for not feeding children senene (n = 18)
 They cannot digest senene 11.1
 They cannot chew 33.3
 They may choke and block air 38.9
 It is a taboo 16.7
Readiness to give senene to children if well prepared (n = 51)
 Yes 90.0
 No 10.0
Commonly consumed complementary foods (n = 59)
 Single cereal 39.0
 Mixed cereals 13.6
 Boiled banana 32.2
 Mixed cereals and legumes 8.5
 Eat what adults eat 6.8
Opinions on using senene in complementary feeding (n = 116)
 It is a nutritious food 63.8
 They should be given only senene soup 6.9
Senene should be ground and sieved for children to swallow 13.8
 More research to be done 6.0
 Heads should be removed before giving to children 3.4
 Not a good thing because children will not be able to talk 2.6
 It is an act of disrespect to give senene to children 1.7
 Children likes senene 1.7