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Table 3 Conditions for lynx presence indicated by interviewees (n) in the three geographical areas

From: The return of the Iberian lynx to Portugal: local voices

Conditions concerning reintroduction n Guadiana Moura-Barrancos Malcata Key actors
Higher wild rabbit abundance 55 a Mainly land owners and local council representatives
Local awareness campaigns 26 a All key actors
Financial compensation 22 a   Not mentioned by lynx observers or nature activity users
Reestablishment of agricultural practices for wild rabbit abundance 20 a  
More suitable habitat for lynxes 16  
Agreements with proprietors and hunters 15  
No restrictions (to hunting and others) 15 Not mentioned by land owners
Marketing of lynx as a tourist attraction 4   
No hunting in lynx areas 4   
Social acceptance 3   
Hunting fee reduction 2    
  1. Absence of a tick signifies that the condition was not mentioned in the respective area
  2. aThe condition was mentioned significantly more in that area (p < 0.05)