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Table 3 A Important plant usages with preparation and application methods in Midyat 724. B Endemic plants usages in Midyat

From: An ethnobotanical study in Midyat (Turkey), a city on the silk road where cultures meet

Plant scientific name Aims of plant usage Preparation and application
Alcea setosa Cough and flu A handful of dry flowers are boiled and drunk during the sickness.
Hair care dye The dried fruits are beaten or the flowers applied to wet hair.
Wound healing The seeds crushed and applied to the wounds to completely cover it to extract the inflammation.
Labor pain A handful of flowers of plant mixed with Mentha and boiled.
Alcea striata subsp. striata Cough and flu During flu, the flowers of the plant are boiled and brewed as herbal tea.
Wound healing The crushed seeds used to cover the wound area completely in order to extract the inflammation.
Anthemis cotula Stomach pain Leaves of plant are boiled and used as an herbal tea to treat cold, bronchitis, flu, and stomachache.
Flu and cold Herbal tea brewed for cold and flu treatments.
Crupina crupinastrum Broom Aerial parts and branches used for making broom.
Malva neglecta Food Fresh aerial parts collected and boiled in water and then fried in oil and mixed with eggs.
Stomachache A couple of fresh leaves used in the morning on an empty stomach.
Toys Children use their fruit seeds as a toy like marbles.
Against weakness When people are critically weak, they have the fresh leaves by adding salt and boiling them. The brew is taken until the patient feels better.
Labor pain, kidney diseases Pregnant used by boiling the leaves of the plant. For kidney stones used by boiling the leaves and drinking it like an herbal tea.
Matricaria aurea Cough, flu, bronchial, stomach cure, cardialgia The plant is boiled and drunk for treatment.
Food After the fruit and leaves are washed, they are consumed as a food.
Fragrance The whole plants hang on the walls in the entrance of houses to give a good smell.
Papaver rhoeas Food Fresh young leaves used by boiling and frying for eating. Their flower is added to boiled pounded wheat (bulgur pilav).
Fodder For feeding animals; dry and fresh plants used.
Salvia multicaulis Wound healing After boiling, it is applied to wounds by mixing it with vetch; it is applied at night and kept bandaged until morning.
Flu and coughs It is mixed with Imtabso (Papaver) and boiled with some water and is taken.
Labor pain The aerial part of plant used as an herbal tea; it is brewed and filtered. People drink it for treatment of labor pain.
Anti-inflammatory It is used to treat wounds such as warts and boils; to take out the inflammation, the Plant is boiled and applied on hands at night, kept covered until morning.
Antidote It is used when a scorpion bites; plants boiled and the water applied to the bite region and held with bandages.
Scandix stellata Food The leaves of plant fried and cooked with oil.
Teucrium polium Stomachache It is brewed for use against stomach pain for children, adults and sometimes for animals.
Thymbra sintenisii Labor pain Plant used as an herbal tea. It is brewed adding lemon peel and used for labor pain.
Spice Used as spice by adding it to salads and dishes.
Bread preparation It is also used in preparation of bread; it is mixed with almond and watermelon peel, then fried in olive oil and cooked in a tandoor (oven consisting of a clay-lined large pit).
Vicia pannonica subsp. striata Food The fresh fruit consumed by people by peeling.
Fodder For feeding animals whole fruits are used fresh or dried.
Centaurea rigida Antidote It is used when a scorpion or a snake bites; plant is boiled and the water applied to the bitten region. The treatment continues until healed.
Euphorbia craspedia Molasses preparation The aerial part of plant is used while boiling the molasses; the plant prevents overflow. The whole plant covers the pan for that purpose.
Alkanna trichophila var. mardinensis Latex Latex of flower is used to suck for children.
Centaurea kurdica Kidney disease The fruit of plant is used after boiling in water; used as a drink.
Centaurea stapfiana Fodder Dried or fresh aerial part of plant is used for feeding animals intensively in the region.
Sideritis libanotica subsp. linearis Herbal tea The plant is used for brewing and drinking in cold weather.
Broom Whole plant used as a broom.