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Table 3 Number of species used as ethnomedicine for a particular disease/ailment

From: Indigenous uses of ethnomedicinal plants among forest-dependent communities of Northern Bengal, India

Human diseases/ailments Species used
 Stomach-related disorder (stomach problem, dysentery, diarrhoea, indigestion, stomach pain) 40
 Cuts and wounds 27
 Pain (joints pain, body pain, chest pain, neck pain, tooth pain) 25
 Jaundice/liver problem 19
 Cough and cold 18
 Gastroenteritis 17
 Fever 16
 Skin-related disease 13
 Diabetes 12
 Appetiser and ulcer 9 each
 Headache, piles,asthma and bleeding (internal, nose) 8 each
 Burns 7
 Swelling and pneumonia 6 each
 Hair loss/fall/dandruff problems, blood pressure and paralysis 5 each
 Vomiting and bite (dog, bees, snake) 4 each
 Urine disorder, blood purifier and blood disease, sore throat and sores, tonsil 3 each
 Small/chicken pox, malaria, hydrocoel, tumours, cancer, septic, boils, eye infection/conjunctivitis/red eye, clearing stool, reduce weight, tuberculosis, heart problems, night wetting, periodic problems of women 2 each
 Typhoid, baby cry, dehydration, bronchitis, urinary discharge, abortion, gall bladder stone, pulmonary/lungs problem, anaemia, purifies breast milk, pregnancy, blackening of nerve, cholesterol, alcoholic medicine, fatigueness, body severing, body massager 1 each
 Tongue/mouth disease and lactation problem 2 each
 Stomach worm, cough, diarrhoea, cuts and wounds, fatigueness/weakness and appetiser 1 each