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Table 4 MPs used to treat various forms of malignancies in Megera and adjacent kebeles

From: Medicinal plants used by traditional healers to treat malignancies and other human ailments in Dalle District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

Family Scientific name Vernacular name (Sidamu-afoo) Type of cancer treated Distribution in the flora region Altitude (meter) Reference—flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea
Euphorbiaceae Ricinus communis L Qombo”o Breast cancer TU, GD, WU, SU, WG, IL, KF, GG, SD, BA, HA 400-2500 Vol. 2; part II [76]
Fabaceae Millettia ferruginea (Hochst.) Bak. Hengeddicho Cancer, in general WG, SU, HA, BA, IL, KF, SD 1600-2500 Vol. 3 [51]
Flacourtiaceae Dovyalis abyssinica (A. Rich.) Warb. Shiilo Lymphatic tumor TU, GD, GJ, WU, SU, AR, GG, SD, BA, HA 1700-3000 Vol. 2; part 1 [77]
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum myricoides (Hochst.) Vatke Ma’niisa Leukemia TU, GD, WU, SU, AR, WG, IL, KF, GG, SD, HA 700-2600 Vol. 5 [78]
Loganiaceae Buddleja polystachya Fresen. Bullaancho Cancer, in general ?AF, TU, GD, GJ, WU, SU, AR, WG, KF, SD, BA, HA 700-3300 Vol. 4; part I [79]
Meliaceae Ekebergia capensis Sparrm. Goddiicho Cancer, in general TU, WU, GD, GJ, WG, SU, AR, IL, KF, SD, BA, HA 1680-3000 Vol. 3 [51]
Melianthaceae Bersama abyssinica Fresen. Xeweerrakko Cancer, in general TU, GD, WU, WG, GJ, SU, IL, KF, AR, HA, BA, SD 1700-2715 Vol. 3 [51]
Myrsinaceae Myrsine melanophloeos (L.) R. Br. Morocho Leukemia TU, GD, GJ, SU, AR, WG, GG, BA 2500-3750* Vol. 4; part I [79]
Oleaceae Olea capensis L. f. Seettaame Cancer, in general GD, SU, AR, IL, KF, SD, BA 1350-3200 Vol. 4; part I [79]
Ranunculaceae Clematis simensis Fresen. Fiide Cancer, in general GD, TU, WU, GJ, SU, AR, WG, KF, GG, SD, BA, HA, 1500-3350 Vol. 2; part I [77]
Rubiaceae Pentas lanceolata Forssk. Baalaamu dhagga Cancer, in general TU, GD, IL, KF GG, SD, BA, HA 700-2300 Vol. 4; part I [79]
Rutaceae Zanthoxylum chalybeum Engl. Gadda Cancer, in general GG, BA, HA 900-1550* Vol. 3 [51]
Sapotaceae Sideroxylon oxyacanthum Baill. Bunguude Cancer, in general TU GD, SU, AR, BA, HA 1250-2800* Vol. 4; part I [79]
Zingiberaceae Zingiber officinale Roscoe Jaanjiweelo Cancer, in general IL, KF, SD NA Vol. 6 [80]
  1. Abbreviations: TU Tigray region above 1000 m contour, AF Afar region below 1000 m contour to Eritrean border in the east and Harerge border in the south, WU Welo region above 1000 m contour, GD Gondar region, WG Welega region, KF Kefa region, AR Arsi region, BA Bale region, GJ Gojam region, IL Ilubabor region, GG Gamo Gofa region, SD Sidamo region, HA Harerge region, NA not available
  2. *Not found in the range reported in the SD flora region