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Table 5 MPs used to treat jaundice in Megera and adjacent kebeles

From: Medicinal plants used by traditional healers to treat malignancies and other human ailments in Dalle District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

Family Scientific name Vernacular name (Sidamu-afoo) Distribution in the flora region Altitude (meter) Reference—flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea
Cucurbitaceae Peponium vogelii (Hook.f.) Engl. Surupha SU IL, KF, SD, BA 1500-2100 Vol. 2; part II [76]
Cuppressaceae Juniperus procera Hochst ex. Engl. Hoomme TU, GD, GJ, WU, SU, AR, SD, HA 1100-3500 Vol. 1 [81]
Menispermaceae Stephania abyssinica Dillon and A.Rich. Kalaala TU, GD, GJ, WU, SU, AR, WG, KF, IL, GG, SD, HA 1450-3400 Vol. 2; part I [77]
Podocarpaceae Podocarpus falcatus (Thunb.) Mirb. Dagucho TU, GD, GJ, WU, SU, AR, IL, KF, GG, WG, SD, BA, HA 1350-2900 Vol. 1 [81]
Polygonaceae Rumex abyssinicus Jacq. Shiishoone TU, GD, GJ, SU, AR, WG, KF, IL, GG, SD, BA, HA 1200-3300 Vol. 2; part I [77]
  1. Abbreviations: TU Tigray region above 1000 m contour, AF Afar region below 1000 m contour to Eritrean border in the east and Harerge border in the south, WU Welo region above 1000 m contour, GD Gondar region, WG Welega region, KF Kefa region, AR Arsi region, BA Bale region, GJ Gojam region, IL Ilubabor region, GG Gamo Gofa region, SD Sidamo region, HA Harerge region