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Table 1 Definition of some concepts related to herbal drinks

From: Traditional knowledge on herbal drinks among indigenous communities in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

Herbal drinks Definition
Herbal tea (HT) An herbal beverage made with flowers, leaves, and soft stems of plants. Herbal tea is light combining both recreational and medicinal purposes.
Herbal infusion (HI) An herbal tea made from longer steeping or boiling with a larger amount of herb. Herbal infusion is exclusively used for medicinal purpose and to provide body with high dose of vitamins and minerals. Infusion is intended to extract vitamins and volatile ingredients from the leaves and flowers.
Herbal decoction (HD) An herbal beverage made with roots, barks, seeds, rhizomes, and woods and intended to extract mineral salts and bitter principles from plants. Unlike infusions, decoctions are left on the heat and simmered for a length of time.
Herbal fruit juice (HFJ) An herbal beverage made with fruits.