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Table 2 Local names and their meanings

From: Use patterns, use values and management of Afzelia africana Sm. in Burkina Faso: implications for species domestication and sustainable conservation

Ethnic group Local names Meanings
Bobo Kibi Dwarfs’ refuges, sacred species
Dagara Kakala, kontontiè, kontontiénou Dwarfs’ refuges, dangerous species
Dioula Linguè Invisible spirits, sacred species
Gourmantché Bu nakpambu/kpambu, Linakpanli Sacred, fodder species, sanctuary
Kasséna Kolo Invisible spirits, dangerous species
Mossi Kakalga, kankalga Invisible forces, dwarfs, imps’ refuge
Fulani Kakalgahi, Panbouhi, Linguèhè High fodder species, resistant wood