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Table 1 Ethnospecies mentioned by the inhabitants of Baritú and in others sectors of the Argentine Yungas

From: Melliferous insects and the uses assigned to their products in the northern Yungas of Salta, Argentina

  Baritú and neighboring villages (Department of Santa Victoria, province of Salta) Yungas of province of Jujuy
Clasification Vernacular name (VN) Family and tribe taxonomic Scientific name
Ethnospecies that do not sting Stingless bees brava, bravita (*) Apidae, Meliponini Scaptotrigona jujuyensis (Schrottky) Locality of San Francisco (department Valle Grande), collection date: 07/28/2010, VN: negrillo.
cidra, igra (*) Apidae, Meliponini Paratrigona glabella Camargo & Moure.
cherlinca (*) Apidae, Meliponini Plebeia catamarcensis (Holmberg)
la burra, la burra toronjila (*) Apidae, Meliponini Lestrimelitta rufipes (Friese) Calilegua National Park (department Ledesma), Collection date: 05/08/2012.
In this explored sector, we have data of the presence of the genus Lestrimelitta that probably correspond to the same species of melipona cited in this study.
mansita Apidae, Meliponini Plebeia sp. nov. Locality of San Lucas (department Valle Grande). Collection date: 11/16/2010, VN: negrillo. Collection date: 12/16/2010, VN: arropillo.
moro moro (¥) Apidae, Meliponini Cfr. Melipona
posquillo (*) Apidae, Meliponini Cfr. Plebeia doryana (Friese) Locality of San Lucas (department Valle Grande), collection date: 1/6/2010. Locality El Fuerte (department Santa Bárbara), collection date: 1/0/2010. VN pusquillo
señorita (*) Apidae, Meliponini Tetragonisca fiebrigi (Schwarz). Calilegua National Park (department Ledesma), collection date: 09/13/2011, VN: mestizo
yana (¥) Apidae, Meliponini Cfr. Scaptotrigona
Ethnospecies that sting Wasp carnicero Vespidae, Epiponini Agelaia pallipes (Olivier)
chillaguata, poronguillo (*) Vespidae, Epiponini Polybia ruficeps (Schrottky)
chesgua rubia grande Cfr. Vespidae
Honeybee extranjera Apidae, Apini Apis mellifera Linnaeus.
Bumblebee guancoiro, guanquero Apidae, Bombini Bombus atratus Franklin, H. J.
paraguaya Apidae, Bombini Cfr. Bombus
  1. (*)Ethnospecies present in El Lipeo or from warmer locations mentioned by people born in El Lipeo and living now in Baritú
  2. (¥)Ethnospecies of lower zones from the Pre-montane forest of Yungas or the Chaquenian phytogeographic area, mentioned by people from other locations within these phytogeographic characteristics