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Table 1 Plants and fungi most likely to have been used by the southernmost Guachichiles

From: Reconsideration of the nomadic condition of the southernmost Guachichiles based on the relationship with their environment

Resource Species Notes
Tunas Opuntia spp. Eaten fresh
Mesquite pods Prosopis laevigata To prepare a bread
Dates Yucca decipiens and Y. filifera As fruits, eaten fresh
Roots similar to potatoes Solanum cardiophyllum and S. ehrenbergii Solanum spp. are still sold locally for food.
Roots similar to potatoes Phaseolus coccineus Root noodles possibly eaten.
Maguey Agave salmiana spp. crassispina Cooked roots, leaves, and flower stalks eaten.
Biznaga (barrel cactus) Ferocactus histrix Flowers (currently known as cabuches, a highly appreciated delicacy) and fruits eaten.
Pincushion cacti Mamillaria spp. Fruits eaten.
Garambullo (bilberry cactus) Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fruits eaten.
Mexican nut pine Pinus cembroides Pinyons probably eaten.
Peyote Lophophora williamsii Likely to have been obtained by trade for use as hallucinogenic
Beehive cactus Coryphanta spp. Possibly used as hallucinogenic
Psychedelic mushroom Psilocybe spp. Possibly used as hallucinogenic