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Table 5 Medicinal mushrooms known and used by the population in in Kilum-Ijim forest, North West Region, Cameroon

From: Ethnomycological study in the Kilum-Ijim mountain forest, Northwest Region, Cameroon

Species Ailment treated Method of preparation Method of administration
Auricularia polytricha Nausea in pregnant women Cooked with soup Oral
Daldinia concentrica Hypertension Sliced and boiled with other herbs Oral
Ganoderma applanatum Builds up immune system Boiled in water Oral
Lentinus squarrosulus System cleansing Cooked with soup Oral
Polyporus dictyopus Stomach aches and head aches Boiled with other herbs Oral
Termitomyces microcarpus Bone strengthening in children and Fever Cooked with soup, boiled in water and drunk Oral
Trametes versicolor Strengthens immune system Boiled in water and drunk Oral
Vascellum pretense Fever Mixed with other herbs and boiled Oral
Xylaria sp. Hypertension, fever Added to herbal preparations Oral