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Table 1 Palikur habitat names and their meaning

From: Palikur traditional roundwood construction in eastern French Guiana: ethnobotanical and cultural perspectives

Palikur name Etymology English name Type
Payt hihevinwa (syn.: payt hihe avin) Payt: house Hihe: pan Cassava house Permanent
Payt pahadrunket (syn.: payt kayket) Payt: house Pahadrunka: meeting Kayka: to dance Meeting house Permanent
Payt himeket Payt: house Himekne: to sleep Sleeping house Permanent
Payt sakehweket (syn.: payt tevweyeket) Payt: house Sakehwene: to cook, to boil Tevwene: to roast Cooking house Roasting house Permanent
Payt pawkavinwa Payt: house Pawka: far Plantation house Temporary
Payt timuvugaib Payt: house Timuvu: hocco (bird) Crax alector Gayb: tail Hocco’s tail shelter (small hunting shelter) Temporary
Payt wewvaki Payt: house Wewvene: to hunt Hunting shelter Temporary
Pew gavin Pew: dog -Vin: house Kennel Temporary
Takaak gavin Takaak: chicken -Vin: house Aviary Temporary
  1. Syn. synonym