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Table 2 Palikur names of structural elements and their English equivalent

From: Palikur traditional roundwood construction in eastern French Guiana: ethnobotanical and cultural perspectives

Structure element Palikur name
 Post Wakap
 Bridging beam Ayabwi dahagbukya wakap
 Tie beam Adaap
 Crown post or king post Akoksa
 Lower ridge piece Ayabwi dahagbukya akoksa
 Upper ridge piece Ayabwi avugekuya
 Common rafter Avayta
 Roof rafter Avayta amagtongitak
 Angle rafter Avayta savogene
 Upper tie beam Atawkan adah kamaxne avayta amagtõgitak
 Batten of roofing Akanwapti
 Wind brace Asugetni
 Hipped roof Payt amagtõ
 Roof slope Payt amuwi
 Mid wood notches Araybu
 Lashings Wanaka