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Table 2 Problems caused by the invasion of A. mangium that has altered the routines of the indigenous residents of the Moskow and São Domingos communities in the Moskow and Malacacheta Indigenous Lands, in the Serra da Lua region, Roraima State, Brazil

From: Local ecological knowledge concerning the invasion of Amerindian lands in the northern Brazilian Amazon by Acacia mangium (Willd.)

Problems cited Numbers of citations % of interviewees
Alterations of water resources 67 71.3
Prejudicial to cultivation 57 60.6
Disequilibrium of the fauna 49 52.1
Well and river water drying more rapidly 44 46.8
Altered water color 44 46.8
Increased presence of bees 39 41.5
Increased work for farm plot preparation 39 41.5
Restricted access to surrounding lands 22 23.4
No problems with the water 14 14.9
No problems cited 10 10.6
Increased presence of snakes 8 8.5
Increased presence of rats 7 7.4
Well water salty 3 3.2