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Table 2 List of the 11 species with the highest Relative Frequency Citation (RFC) including habitat, used plant parts (PP), use categories (UC), number of citations (NC), and Cultural Importance Index (CI). Habitat (Hab.): C cultivated, F forest, S savannah. Plant Parts: B bark, F fruit, L leaf, R root, S seed, SS stem sap, ST stem, W whole plant, Wo wood. Use category: C drugs and cigarettes, D domestic and charcoal, F Hunting, fishing and animal feed, H handicrafts, L ludic, childrens’ toys, M medicinal use, N nutrition, spices and herbal teas, R rituals, T dental care and cosmetics, O others; *neophyte

From: First large-scale ethnobotanical survey in the province of Uíge, northern Angola

Species Hab. PP UC NC RFC CI
Annona stenophylla subsp. cuneata S R, L, F M, N 50 0.371 0.435
Hymenocardia acida S B, L, R, S M 40 0.355 0.355
Vitex madiensis S B, L, R, F, W M, N, R 43 0.323 0.468
Psorospermum febrifugum S B, L, R, F, SS F, M, R 29 0.306 0.371
Raphia matombe F F, L, SS, ST C, D, F, H, M, N, O 24 0.306 0.371
Chromolaena odorata* S L, W M, O 26 0.274 0.290
Elaeis guineensis C B, F, FL, L, R, SS, S C, F, H, M, N, O, R 35 0.274 0.387
Aframomum alboviolaceum S F, L, R, ST M, N 34 0.258 0.339
Sarcocephalus latifolius S B, F, L, R M 32 0.258 0.242
Smilax anceps S F, L, R M, N 20 0.258 0.226
Xylopia aethiopica F B, F, R, S, Wo D, M, N 33 0.258 0.306