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Table 3 List of wild edible plants used as medicinal plants

From: Traditional knowledge of wild edible plants with special emphasis on medicinal uses in Southern Shan State, Myanmar

Taxon Use Ailment
Alternanthera philoxeroides Food as medicine Inflamation
Arisaema erubescens Food as medicine Digestive system disorders
Celastrus paniculatus Food as medicine Nutritional Disorders
Centella asiatica Ingredient for medicine Respiratory system disorders; Sensory system disorders
Cheilocostus speciosus Ingredient for medicine Digestive system disorders
Cinnamomum tamala Ingredient for medicine Birth related disorders
Colocasia esculenta Ingredient for medicine Poison (Insect poison)
Curcuma aromatica Ingredient for medicine Injuries
Curcuma cf. amada Ingredient for medicine Digestive system disorders
Dichrocephala integrifolia Food as medicine Birth related disorders
Laggera alata Ingredient for medicine Inflamation; Pains; Injuries
Macropanax dispermus Food as medicine Digestive system disorders
Momordica subangulata Food as medicine Nutritional disorders
Oroxylum indicum Food as medicine Sensory system disorders
Phyllanthus emblica Food as medicine Circulatory system disorders; Respiratory system disorders
Plantago major Food as medicine Poison (Food poison); Skin/Subcutaneous/Cellular tissue disorders; Injuries; Circulatory system disorders
Rotheca serrata Food as medicine Digestive system disorders; Mental disorders
Telosma cordata Food as medicine Mental disorders