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Table 7 Common bean folk varieties used to treat diseases in function of sociolinguistic groups

From: Folk taxonomy and traditional uses of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) landraces by the sociolinguistic groups in the central region of the Republic of Benin

Organ Folk varieties Purpose of use Processing method Form of use Ethnic groups Fidelity level (%)
Seed Kpankoui rouge Pharyngitis Burn the seed and mix with palm oil and salt Lick the powder Adja 25
Séssé Rapid umbilical cord removal in newborns Crush seeds and mix with seasoning cube (Maggi) and water Pass the mixture on the umbilical cord Fon 5.6
Leaves Kpankoui rouge Babies who cannot breastfeed Boil the leaves with water Make the baby drink the liquid Adja 25
Kpankoui rouge Wounds Crush the leaves and collect the juice Put the juice in the wound Adja, Idaasha, Mahi 19.2
Akpakoun vovo Vaginal infection Crush the leaves and mix with water Take a bath with the liquid Fon, Mahi 11.1
Séssé Bad body odor Infuse leaves in water Take a bath with the liquid Fon 5.6
Akpakoun vovo, Séssé Bee stings Crush the leaves Apply on the bee sting Fon 5.6
Sessé Sterility Burn the leaves Drink with porridge every morning Idaasha 4.5
Séssé Fever Crush the leaves and roots in water Take a bath with the liquid Fon, Ifé, Nago, Tchabé 44.4
Roots Séssé Obesity Crush the leaves and roots Drink the liquid Fon 11.1
Kpankoui rouge Difficult childbirth Crush the roots and mix with water Drink the liquid Adja 25