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Table 8 Common bean folk varieties used as mystical-religious plants

From: Folk taxonomy and traditional uses of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) landraces by the sociolinguistic groups in the central region of the Republic of Benin

Roles Purpose of uses Folk varieties Organ Use Ethnic groups Percentage of responses
Protection against evil spirits Fields protection Akpakoun wéwé,
Whole plant Planted in the fields Mahi, Fon 29.1
Homes protection Akpakoun rouge, Sessé Whole plant Sow next to the houses Mahi 20.7
Pregnancy protection Kpankoui rouge Leaves Triturate the leaves in water, then wash with each 3 months so three times before delivery Adja 4.2
Protection against enemies attacks Akpakoun vovo Whole plant Go naked towards the plant in the middle of the night and praise the plant and ask for protection against your enemies. Then take the leaves with which you shower after infusion Mahi 8.3
Treatment of supernaturally caused illnesses Bewitchment Séssé Roots Triturate the roots in a little water and add the palm kernel oil and drink the potion Fon 4.2
Traditional ceremonies Offering to certain deities Akpakoun wéwé Seeds Seeds are prepared and offered to the deities during the rites Fon 4.2
Hunters’ ceremonies Akpalakoun founfou Seeds Use to attract animals to hunters Ifé 4.2
Twins ceremony Sessé Seeds Seeds are prepared and served to the twins and the family concerned with palm oil at the end of the ceremony Nago, Ifé 8.3
Traditional family ceremony Kpalakoun kpikpa Seeds Seeds are cooked with Kersting’s groundnut and served to the guests Idaasha 4.2
Guèlèdè traditional dance (ancestor cults) Séssé Seeds Seeds are prepared and served to the followers which helps them to have a good memory Ifé 4.2
Spiritual warfare Fight his enemies Séssé Seeds At the ceremony the prepared beans are delivered to the fetish with the name of the enemy Idaasha 4.2
Love potion Bring a person to love you Sonouhoué Leaves The leaves are mixed with spider eggs and the last drops of human urine wanting to be loved. The juice obtained is applied to the eyes of the bewitched person. Mahi 4.2